Hey there!
I'm Marco Walker. 50% English, 50% Spanish Visual Designer crazy about Branding and Visual Communication.
Currently collaborating with Trivu:

So...what have I been up to?

Although I consider my self very much a self-tought designer, I have completed a Communication Design BA in the University Europe in the Berlin Campus. I have lived in Berlin from 2014 until 2018.
During my studies I also had the opportunity to work in a six month internship for a great branding studio called BrandImage+ in Lisbon ( where I learned design and ideation processes, in-studio communication, communication with clients, and many other useful, and not so useful, things that have made me grow as a person and understand the world of brands better.
While studying, I have managed to maintain a freelance occupation working on personal and professional projects for companies like What The Film, Booking Handlers, Airman, Kendon or GloWorld among others.

I'm always open to any kind of feedback.
For comments, questions, or collaborations you can email me at:
By Marco Walker